Colombo Giovinetto – Giulio Monteverde

We are extremely honored to have added to our collection this impressive white Carrara marble sculpture raised on an intricately carved period oak base.


A very interesting history


Enrico Alberto d’Albertis (1836-1932) was an Italian Navy officer who loved to travel and especially the routes travelled by Christopher Columbus.

In 1886 D’Albertis acquired the ruins of the bastion of Montegalletto in Genoa, across the Forte San Giorgio on the 15th Century town walls. He had the bastion rebuilt as a castle, in medieval style and named it ‘The Castello d’Albertis”.
The castle displayed many architectonic elements of the former Genoa and expressions of d’Albertis’s devotion to Columbus, to whom numerous works of art and several elements refer. With antique marbles, a splendid 15th century portal, a gun from the 1500’s found at the dock and a multitude of works of art.
D’Albertis commissioned a statue of a young Christopher Columbus from artist Giulio Monteverde for Castello d’Albertis, in Genoa.

Giulio Monteverde (1837-1917) was an Italian master and renowned Italian sculptor. He studied at the Accademia di belle arti in Rome, and later became a professor,receiving numerous awards for his work, including the highest medal of honor in France, Officier de la Légion d’honneur in 1878.

Monteverde created this sculpture in 1870 for Enrico Alberto d’Albertis in Rome. With D’Albertis’s nephew Filippo actually the model for the young Columbus. The original statue stands in the loggia in d’Albertis castle, gazing in the direction of the port of Genoa.

The sculpture of  ‘Colombo Giovinetto’ won a gold medal at an exhibition in Parma, Italy.

Upon his death, D’Albertis donated his castle to his beloved city of Genoa in 1932.

It currently houses the Museo delle Culture del Mondo – Museum of World Cultures, inaugurated in 2004.

Also shown here is a copy of the original sketch made and signed by the artist Giulio Monteverde, Roma 1892.