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French 19th Century Louis XIV St. Ormolu Boulle Barometer-thermometer Signed F. Lesage à Paris

Item # 8121 Dimensions: H: 49" L: 11.5" D: 4.5"

Category: Accessories
A sensational French 19th century Louis XIV st. ormolu Boulle barometer-thermometer signed F. Lesage à Paris. The barometer is centered by a richly chased foliate ormolu bottom finial amidst foliate brass inlays. The barometer displays a hammered ormolu background with a foliate movement and enameled plaques displaying the weather, each framed within intertwined ormolu reserves. The façade displays a most elegant and intricate ormolu band with decorative rosettes. Above is a large Fleur de Lys ormolu mount leading up to the impressive thermometer, set on a striking tortoise shell background and framed within a beautiful egg and dart border. The thermometer is decorated with fine enameled plaques of weather conditions: très froid, tempéré and très chaud (very cold, temperate and very warm). Each framed within a detailed ormolu border displaying foliate movements and handsome dolphins. At the sides are magnificent ormolu mounts of Bacchus amidst most decorative floral and foliate movements and stunning brass inlays above with Fleur de Lys and floral patterns. At the top crown is a richly chased and detailed cherub in a striking satin and burnished finish. The cherub holds a scythe in one hand and an hour glass in the other.The face, the case and the inside are signed and stamped. All original hardware and gilt throughout.

François Lesage was a renowned French 19th century clockmaker in Paris. Lesage received the honor of Master Clockmaker in the mid 19th century., and was clockmaker to the Emperor Napoleon III.
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